Addiction and Age

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

We live in an age of addiction.  Whether it is fast paced lifestyles and over work, obsession with sports or video games, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse.  A person can end up with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction at any age, but the age of the person can vastly affect both long term outcome and treatment options.  Drug Treatment Centers and Alcohol Treatment Centers often have focused programs for specific age groups.

A recent study at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism showed that drinking alcohol before the age of 15 puts a person at higher risk for later alcoholism or drug addiction.  Younger people also face different social pressures surrounding drugs and alcohol and may require a unique approach to treatment depending on their level of emotional development.

Middle aged addicts may face complications associated with their work or family and may have a longer history of substance abuse that requires a different approach.

Older addicts also may be experiencing some of the health effects of their abuse or may have other non-related health conditions that could complicate treatment.  Their behaviors may also be more ingrained in their lifestyle and personal identity and therefore require longer treatment to affect change.

The path to addiction may start at a very early age and may be tied to a family history of alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental illness.  Children who grow up in households where one or both parents have a substance abuse issue may be at higher risk of developing similar issues.  Catching abuse early, or preventing it from occurring at all are the best way to stop the cycle of addiction.

Age also effects physiology and neurological function.  A younger person may be at higher risk for developing long term addiction because their bodies are still growing and developing while an older person may feel the effects of their addiction more as a result of reduced capacity of their vital organs to clear out toxins and recover from damage done by illicit substances.

A Center for Recovery is a valuable resource for looking for answers and advice on the best drug rehab or alcohol rehab   approach for your age.  We can provide information on drug abuse, alcohol abuse and alcohol treatment centers and drug treatment centers by state: Call us on 877-403 3381.

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