Center for Recovery

At a Center for Recovery we are very serious about your success. We offer individualize treatment programs specializing in treating drug addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse problems. Our core belief is to treat the whole person instead of just the symptom. We also believe that the consistency of your rehab program also makes a huge difference in your recovery that is why we offer an onsite drug detox center and an alcohol detox center as well as an in-patient rehab, residential rehab, partial hospitalization rehab, intensive out-patient treatment and outpatient treatment programs all within our privately situated 12 acre facility, making your transitions from one level to the next as smooth as possible and stay with the same philosophy through your treatment. Not all drug rehab centers or alcohol rehab centers are licensed to offer all of these services, meaning that they contract with other facilities to do parts of your drug rehab or alcohol rehab. You may go to drug detox or alcohol detox with one company, in-patient treatment at another, and yet another for intensive out-patient, thus causing inconsistencies in your recovery. A Center for Recovery is fully licensed in all aspects of drug rehab treatment and alcohol rehab treatment through the State of Florida. We also offer as part of our rehab programs: DUI assessments, family Interventions, family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, and half-way house placement for those needing continued care nearer to their home. Please call our drug and alcohol helpline, at the number above, 24 hours a day to speak with one of our helpline counselors. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about what our individualized programs offer.

What is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is the procedure of helping individuals to overcome their psychological and physical addiction to alcohol. Different alcohol rehab follows different procedure and makes the addicts undergo different stages of treatment. Each procedure is designed to treat a different component of addiction – be it psychological, physical or social aspects of the condition. Besides, addicts are motivated to seek help and are involved in physiological and mental readjustment through meditation and other holistic therapies as well.

Our Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Centers

A Center For Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center that offers addiction treatment, program and services such as alcohol detox and drug detox throughout the United States. Whether you live in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts or any part of the States, you can find a local treatment center staffed by knowledgeable counselors. They are available round the clock all through the years.

Our Drug Rehab Program Cost

The various drug rehab program provided at A Center For Recovery are comparatively cost-effective programs. However, cost for the treatment many differ as per the insurance plan coverage. Aftercare charges vary as well since some insurance companies pay for this service and some do not.

Call us to find out more about drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab centers today. It’s never too late to start your life afresh, call now and start on the road to recovery!