Outpatient Treatment

outpatient rehab

If you’re an addict with a substance abuse problem or a drug addiction that might not qualify as especially severe, then an outpatient treatment program might be ideal for you. This could also apply to you if you’ve been through the addiction treatment process and been judged sufficiently recovered that you can leave the drug rehab program. Regardless of the fact that you have graduated from your treatment program, you should still remember that as a former addict, relapsing is a danger that you must always live with. Relapse prevention is one of the most important skills you will learn at an addiction treatment center. Getting into an outpatient treatment program is a great way of maintaining the habits and remembering the lessons that you picked up in your treatment program.

The appealing thing about an outpatient program is that it allows you to practice what you picked up in the treatment center at home. The fact you are at home can be both a danger and an advantage. A danger, because it’s all too easy to fall back into your drug habits once you’re in an environment that allows you to be comfortable. Something that all former addicts have to be wary of is the danger of becoming complacent or satisfied in the idea that you have overcome your addiction. This self-satisfaction can often lead to overconfidence with regards to how highly you consider your ability to resist indulging in your addiction again. It’s a challenge that many addicts face in their battle to overcome addiction but it’s the very fact that it is challenging that makes out-patient treatment advantageous, too. If you can maintain the discipline to avoid falling back into your addiction, then that is another part of the recovery process. By resisting the call of your addiction, you train yourself to become stronger and more disciplined.

Bear in mind that even if you are at home, you are still an addict in recovery and it is your responsibility to keep up the practice of what has been taught to you in your treatment program. This includes practicing the twelve steps, remembering your education on the effects of drug abuse and how to combat your addiction, all lessons taught to you in treatment. Also remember that if you are having trouble in any way, the counselors at the addiction treatment program are there for you to talk to. It is recommended that you go back to the treatment facility for regular checkups so that they can assess how you are holding up and how you are standing up to the recovery process.

Outpatient treatment is almost the most important part of the recovery process given how easy it is to relapse. Don’t let yourself do that. Our drug addiction helpline is available 24 hours a day so that you can start your walk to freedom: Call us on (800) 444-1014

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